Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why travel with us?
A: Miss Asia International Beuty Pageant tour are one of the best opportunities for you to create a shared, memorable experience that further extends your beauty pageant`s message by creating a positive buzz. We understand the importance of events with a purpose and carefully assemble all the elements you need to show your attendees who you are.

Our elite team of local co-sponsor and guides who, just as good as our tour guides, are well trained and versed in Chinese culture, history and art are committed to reveal the genuine China to our travelers.

Q: Why travel in a small group?
A: Groups of 6 to 18 people provide our travelers a perfect combination of intimacy, flexibility. We keep our groups small to provide authentic cultural experiences and pleasant intimacy that exists in small travel groups.

Small groups allow travelers to slow down and appreciate the unexpected that may be the essence of adventure to Imperial China with a flexibility impossible to allow for larger groups. In smaller groups one gets more individual attention. Also, each traveler may have more personal interaction with local people in exchanges of views and cultures.

Q: Do I need a passport and visa to travel to China?
A: Yes. Please visit our Webpage Chinese Visa or wait till you sign up for detailed information.

Q: Can you help us obtain Chinese visa?
A: Yes. Please visit our Webpage Chinese Visa or wait till you sign up for detailed information. Our visa service is available only to our tour participants.

Q: What is your group size?
A: 10 to 18. Tours with less than 10 participants may proceed as planned subject to a surcharge.

Q: What do you ask of your customers?
A: We ask our customers to be respectful, follow the rules, travel light, educate themselves on the concept of group travel, and be realistic with expectations.

Q: What does the tour price include?
A: See Terms & Conditions and the itinerary for details.

Q: Does Laurus Travel have a recommended reading list?
A: Please visit our Webpage Recommended Reading for the updated reading list.

Q: Where do we eat when meals are not included?
A: Your guides will recommend restaurants near the hotels based on your preference and budget. You can count on the guides for reliable advice.

Q: Do you recommend any inoculation shots?
A: See Health & Hygiene below for details.

Q: Do I need Chinese currency before arrival?
A: No. See Money below for details.

Q: What is the baggage allowance on intra-China flights?
A: Twenty kilograms or 44 pounds. See What to Wear & Pack below and Terms & Conditions.

Q: Where do we meet the guide and the rest of the group?
A: If you purchased the full package with international airfare and arrive according to tour schedule, you will be met at the airport on arrival. Otherwise, you'll need to get to the hotel on your own to join the group.

Q: What time zone is China in?
A: China spans several time zones but the whole country operates to a single standard time (GMT+8) all year round. Beijing Standard Time is 13 hours ahead of North America's Eastern Standard Time and 16 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time. The difference becomes one hour less during Daylight Saving Time in North America.

Q: Do we eat Chinese food throughout the tour?
A: Please see Terms & Conditions - Food & Beverage.

Q: Is Internet access available at all the hotels?
A: Yes, but be prepared to pay a small fee for the service.

Q: Is it expensive to call home from China?
A: Doní»t let the hotels gouge you! If you use a phone card purchased locally, you can save lots of money on long-distance calls. We also have local mobile phones for rental per details at Mobile Phone Rental.

Q: Do I get non-smoking rooms throughout the tour?
A: Yes. See Terms & Conditions for details.

Q: Is laundry service available during the tour?
A: Hotels provide speedy laundry service but the price is not cheap. Laundromat style self-service facilities are not available or very hard to find in China.

Q: Do I need to bring my own hair dryer?
A: No. The hotels all have it.

Q: How bad is cigarette smoking in China?
A: Chinese smoke almost everywhere including restaurants. China accounts for 20% of the world's population but consumes over 30% of the world's tobacco products.

Q: Is quality medical care available in China?
A: Private hospitals staffed with English-speaking doctors can be found in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Be sure you have adequate medical and evacuation coverage.

Q: Are public toilets outside hotels generally clean?
A: They are not at all. Bring your own antiseptic wipes and always have a small roll of toilet paper on you.

Q: What happens after I pay deposit?
A: The invoice and other related pre-trip documents will be e-mailed to you within 2 business days on receipt of your deposit. Your invoice tells you when the final payment is due and may also contain information on visa application.

Q: What would you send us when departure date is near?
A: Two weeks before departure you will receive by e-mail the updated itinerary with hotel details and, if applicable, reconfirmation of electronic air ticket for international flights. If you don't receive the documents by then, please contact us. Your tickets for local flights will be issued in China and in the care of your local guides.

Q: How do we handle tipping?
A: Please refer to Terms & Conditions for and the document titled Important Pre-trip Information for details.

Q: What airlines do you use for transpacific flights?
A: For clients departing from USA, our first choice is American Union. Clients from other countries should contact us for more information.

Q: What airlines do you use for intra-China flights?
A: We choose the local airlines based on convenience and discount. There is no Chinese air carrier with particularly poor safety record and passenger service is similar across the industry as most of the airlines are controlled by the Chinese government.

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