Miss Asia International Beauty Pageant Tour
11-day Golden Beauty Pageant China Tour
Beijing - Xian - Shanghai
offered by our professional China travel co-sponsor.

Prices: Tour package starting from $4898 to $6898 per person
Departure dates: Every month 15th, start in Jun 15th.
This Traveling in a small group of 30 contestants travelers.

The beauty pageant tour offers complete from Miss Asia International . Especially for our international contestants guests is the option of embarking on our beauty pageant tour experience from Los Angeles to Beijing.

Our tours is create from scratch a special China tour itinerary to meet the needs of the great beauty pageant event.


Day 1: Departing Home City
The journey begins with your transpacific flight departing from a city of your choice. We lose a day upon crossing the International Date Line.

Day 2: Arrival in Beijing
Meet our guide on arrival and transfer to the hotel. The balance of the day is at leisure.

Contestants who signed up for the photo shoot will go to the studio first thing in the morning for hair and make-up. Everyone else will meet them at the studio in the afternoon for group shot.

Day 3: Beijing
Beijing, capital of China, is the country's second largest city in terms of population. Following a brief orientation we visit Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City and an old hutong - alleyway flanked with traditional residential courtyards. Welcome dinner features delicious Beijing roast duck, a local delicacy.

Photo shoot

Day : Beijing
Morning visit to the Temple of Heaven. Situated in southeastern Beijing the Temple of Heaven is China's largest extant sacrificial temple where, during the Ming and Qing dynasties, the emperors conducted the elaborate and most exalted sacrifices addressed to "the Supreme Ruler of the Universe." Construction of the temple started in 1406, during the reign of the Ming Emperor Yongle, and took 14 years to complete. The temple was expanded under the Qing emperors Qianlong (1736-1796) and Jiaqing (1796-1820). Occupying 2,668 hectares (6,670 acres), the area of the Temple of Heaven is more than twice that of the Forbidden City.

Afternoon sightseeing at the majestic Summer Palace, a royal resort during the Qing Dynasty. We wrap up the day with a tour of Jingshan Park behind the Forbidden City. The evening Peking Opera show is optional if available.

Evening Contestants fashion show and photo shoot .

Day 5: Beijing
Enjoy a full-day excursion to the legendary Great Wall at Mutianyu, 70km northeast of the city. Zigzagging over 6,000 kilometres from east to west along the undulating mountains, the Great Wall, said to be visible from the moon, was built to hold off tribal invaders from the north.

Day 6: Beijing - Xi'an
Enjoy some free time before flying to Xi'an after lunch. Eastern terminus of the fabled Silk Road and one of the ancient capitals of China, Xi'an is home to the Terracotta Army designed to follow the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) into eternity.

Day 7: XiĄŻan
Eastern terminus of the fabled Silk Road and one of the ancient capitals of China, Xi'an is home to the Terracotta Army designed to follow the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) into eternity. Visit the excavation site of the Terracotta Army located 30km east of the city. Afternoon sightseeing at Shaanxi Provincial Museum. The modern, well-organized museum was completed in 1992 and traces the history of Xi'an from prehistory to the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). The extensive galleries and exhibitions offer the visitor an excellent introduction to the area that greatly improves understanding of the numerous historical sites in and around the city. Tonight we enjoy a spectacular music and dance show reminiscent of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.), a period generally considered a golden era of the Chinese civilization.

Day 8: Xi'an - Chengdu
Enjoy some free time before flying to Chengdu after lunch. The history of Chengdu can be traced back 2,400 when the first emperor built his capital here and named the city. Through thousands of years its original name has been kept and its position as the capital and as the significant center of politics, commerce and military of the Sichuan area (once called Shu) has remained unchanged. Since the Han (206B.C.-220) and Tang (618-907) Dynasties when its handicraft industry flourished, Chengdu has been famous for its brocades and embroideries. Enjoying the food as well as the culture, shopping and having tea at a teahouse afford a deeper understanding of Chengdu. Sichuan also is Giant Panda 's home.

Sichuan University, Chinese Culture Class
Free day to learn about Han Chinese music, it is common to distinguish two major styles: northern and southern. The styles correspond to the two major geographical

Contestants fashion show and photo shoot in Jinli Street in old town in Chengdu.

Day 9: Chengdu - Shanghai
Today's schedule takes in the Grand Mosque and the adjacent Muslim Quarter Afternoon flight to Shanghai. Paris of China, Pearl of the Orient, city of quick riches, paradise of the adventurers - those were some of the names by which Shanghai was known before the Communists took it over from the Nationalist Government in 1949. Like the rest of the country Shanghai is currently undergoing one of the fastest economic expansions the world has ever seen, having experienced 19% GDP growth per year for the past 20 years.

Day 10: Shanghai
Our sightseeing in Shanghai begins with a stroll on the Bund - a waterfront promenade famous for its landmark neoclassical buildings of European style, followed by Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center. Evening entertainment is a dazzling acrobatic show.

Exploring China's most dynamic city on your own has never been easier. Our recommended list includes Jinmao Tower, a ride aboard the world's only commercially run Maglev train, and the popular evening cruise on Huangpu River to enjoy the city's spectacular neon-lit skyline. (B)

Day 11: Shanghai - Los Angels ( or other Home City)
Free morning to pack and relax. Transfer to the airport by taxi to board return flight and arrive home the same day after crossing the International Date Line. The taxi from hotel to Shanghai Pudong Internatioanl Airport.

"Discovery Beauty Pageant Way!" means highlights specialize in 'discovery', that is finding out new and exciting things about Asia, and "customizing:, which means tailoring a tour to "beauty pageant way". It has been our slogan since 1980's and it sums up key areas of our beauty pageant event: providing a genuine beauty pageant experience.

Dreams can be true and do start from our beauty pageant tour. There is also opportunity to start compete for a prestigious great international beauty pageant title ¨C Miss Asia International.

Welcome join to Miss Asia International Beauty Pageant and compete for the crown!

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